Queer Wedding Planning

As more LGBTQ couples are tying the knot we’re doing it our way and we are also daring to walk off the beaten aisle — spilling glitter and rainbows all over the big day and teaching mainstream couples how it’s done.

For us, your wedding is not a typical ceremony! It’s a highlight of your love story that reflects your style, personality, and relationship. You don’t have to do what’s expected of you, let your passion free to make you and your partner’s hearts happy.

We are at your side to take all the burden of the planning, all the time it takes to research, interview, hire vendors and professionals. Not everyone needs a full-service wedding planning, but at least a day-coordination will help you tie it all together and manage the wedding day.

We fully appreciate the fact that you will entrust us, and we are thrilled to offer you a stress-free and joyful experience.

The creative planning of our team will do all the assigned arrangements from the pre to post wedding events with every special detail you wish to incorporate for your fabulous wedding day.

Just say “yes” and leave the rest to us!

Our services

Don’t hesitate to share your dreams and desires – no matter how unconventional – with our vendors and professionals. Photographers, musicians, florists, decorators and stylists, caterers, and pastry chefs… They all love alternative couples.








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Everyone deserves to have a little fun before they walk down the aisle, and if there’s one group who knows how to party, it’s LGBTQs. So, when it comes to wedding concepts, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops or simply add a naughty detail that will be memorable to everyone.

Deep Blue

Express how deep is your love is and exchange vows and rings at an underwater ceremony at the deep blue seabed of a Greek island

Big Fabulous Gay Wedding

Have the most fabulous wedding. Invite all your friends and relatives even old school mates for the the talk of the town event. Everybody will be astonished by your Big Fabulous Gay Wedding.

Queer Mama Mia

Experience the Mamma Mia wedding with ABBA’s music, costumes, décor and design and be the Dancing Queens of the night.

Summer Lovers

Combine your vacations in Greece and celebrate your love with an intimate elopement to mark the start of your new life.

Saying “I do”

Making the proposal is as important as the day of your wedding. Surprise your beloved one and ask, “will you marry me?”

Who we are

Love is love and everyone should have the chance to realize their hopes and dreams, have the same fundamental rights and be able to celebrate their love!

We are wedding planners for Queer and Trans couples and LGBTQ+ couples in general.

We offer the feeling of security and acceptance to the couple through a network of selected partners and suppliers who are familiar with diversity and support the equality in marriage and weddings.

Our services and our communication have been adapted to inclusivity terms so that no group feels excluded or marginalized. We embrace unconventional forms of expression and create queer weddings and events that represent the couples wishes.

Wedding packages for your budget

Rainbow Love

Walk down the aisle and exchange commitment vows in front of close friends and family. We offer you an intimate package designed to please the couple and up to 18 guests:

  • Wedding ceremony with a professional officiant, and seats for the guests
  • Bouquet & boutonniere for the couple
  • Welcome drinks for guests
  • Wedding cake and glass of champagne
  • Dinner with 3-course menu and light drinks
  • Flower decorations on the tables
  • Overnight stay for the couple in a superior room with a view
  • Breakfast and rejuvenating massage the morning after
Elopement Dream

Tie the knot with an intimate elopement during your vacation in Greece. You pick a date and time and we do the rest:

  • Elopement ceremony with professional celebrant
  • Bouquet & boutonniere for the couple
  • Photography of the ceremony
  • 250+ hi-re digital photos
  • Hair and make-up styling
Eros Proposal

Surprise your beloved one with a wedding proposal. Choose the perfect scenery for your romantic or unexpected proposal and hear them say I Do:

  • Scouting & reserving the proposal spot.
  • Decorations, flower petals, sound and mic equipment
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Average of 250+ hi-re digital photos and up to 10’ video
  • Live sharing to your social media profiles

Guiding you step by step

Step 1 – Share with us your thoughts, plans and dreams

Let us get to know you and understand exactly what you need, where and when you dream of it.

Step 2 – Decide the character and style of the wedding or the events you want and how much you are willing to spend

Following our first contact, we will send you initial ideas and proposals and together we will budget the expenses.

Step 3 – Make us part of your wedding design and feel safe and relaxed for your dream day

Once you assigned us to plan your wedding or any other event we will set up a timetable and we will send you costs and details of suppliers and partners to choose.

Step 4 – Planning, curation, and control

We follow the schedule you have agreed with the suppliers, take care of the decorations, constructions, invitations and whatever else you have entrusted to us and making sure that everything is under control.

Final step – Wedding day

Your special day has arrived! We will take care of all the little and big things that stress you out. We coordinate the suppliers and professionals who will be involved on the wedding day and support the couple and guests throughout so you can live your dream day without any worries!

Wedding destinations

Greece has everything you could ever wish for, and more. In a land of raw beauty, hundreds of different islands and small traditional villages naturally coexist with vibrant cities, enabling Greece to welcome you and your guests with grace and charm.


Athens for city lovers. In the birthplace of democracy where philosophy and theatre bloomed, experience the unique urban lifestyle of a modern European capital city with glorious archaeological sites, vibrant neighbourhoods and compelling coasts and beaches with the small picturesque Saronic Gulf islands being just a breath away.

Think of a luxurious reception with the Acropolis view or a wedding ceremony on a golden-sand beach. Blossoming gardens, fancy restaurants, top cliff verandas overlooking the sea and so much more: Athenian venues are only as limited as your imagination.

For couples looking for an elite wedding destination, Athens allows you to celebrate your wedding while enjoying the nightlife, art events, shopping and unparalleled Mediterranean cuisine.


Santorini for the romantic ones. Its Cycladic architecture coupled with its cliffside views have made Santorini one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world.

Enjoy your wedding ceremony under the world’s most enchanting sunset, when the sun casts a golden glow over the island and the twilight colours fall on the Aegean sea. Experience a feast for the senses while your wedding is coloured with the most glorious palette.


Mykonos for the party lovers. Unspoiled nature, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and cosmopolitan lifestyle come together for a luxury wedding setting.

The white-washed architecture, the windmills and the narrow streets could be the perfect scenery for your wedding day. As one of the top gay destinations in the world, Mykonos is graced with everything to host a fabulous wedding. We plan, you party!


Lebvos for the alternative ones. Lesbos has been a favourite locale for artists, writers and romantics. But is also very popular with the lesbian audience – after all, the word “lesbian” derives from the island’s name. Lesbos was the homeland of the great ancient Greek female poet Sappho, who was known for her sexual attraction to women.

The island of Lesbos is also blessed with natural attractions, award-winning beaches, mediaeval castles, scenic harbours, traditional villages, art galleries, excellent restaurants and high-end hotels.


Thessaloniki for the vibrant ones. Friendly, charming, with a hint of mystery and a wealth of cultural attractions, the second largest city and so-called ‘co-capital’ of Greece is located in the northern part of the country.

Weddings in Thessaloniki are always beautiful! This unique city combines natural beauty, tradition, great sights and nightlife. Many couples choose to be united forever in a unique wedding with a background of the Thermaic Gulf blues, the White Tower or one of the other sights and attractions that Thessaloniki plentifully has on offer.


Corfu for the cosmopolitan ones. In Corfu, you can still feel the spirit of a distant glorious past. Its rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments, its stunning natural landscape, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round explain why Corfu is one of the most elegant Mediterranean destinations.

Imagine arriving at your wedding in a private villa by boat, giving vows of love near the waterfalls of the village of Nymphs or giving a kiss in front of Princess Sissy’s Palace, the Achilleion.


Rhodes for Mediaeval fairytales lovers. At the same time cosmopolitan and traditional, timeless and modern, simple and spectacular – Rhodes is an island in Greece that has so many faces.

Rhodes offers a wide range of wedding options from hotel venues, garden settings and stunning locations overlooking the sea such as St Paul’s Bay at Acropolis in Lindos as well as Kallithea Springs with its exquisite architecture and serene atmosphere.


Crete for the traditional ones. With narrow streets and cosy corners, Crete is a mixture of raw beauty, history, culture and warm hospitality.

The perfect scenery for your wedding can be a Cretan beach, a luxury hotel, a private villa, a beach bar or a local tavern under the Cretan sky. Crete is waiting for you to plan your wedding. The view of the endless blue, the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea and the majestic sunsets offer many gorgeous wedding backdrops you just can’t get anywhere else.

Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira for nature lovers. Surrounded by an idyllic landscape of incomparable natural beauty that captivates the mind at first sight, Lake Plastira can be an enchanting wedding scenery.

The grandeur of the lake is crowned with the surrounding alpine peaks, snow capped or green, with impetuous streams that flirt with lacy coves, narrow inlets of water between cliffs that create fjord-like scenes and a single luscious green islet in the middle, creating a mind-blowing landscape which is mirrored in the emerald waters of the lake. Imagine your wedding in a scenery of cinematographic magnitude!

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Love totally wins and more LGBTQ+ couples are tying the knot every day, and while we say “I do”, we do it our way – spilling glitter and rainbows all over discovering new ways on how it’s done best. Just fill in the below question form with the basics we need to know about you and your plans for your fabulous day: